“We’ll always have Paris.”

(Photos from December 2015)

What can anyone say about Paris? Everything you’ve seen and heard about how spectacular Paris is , is true. This trip to Paris was back in December 2015, when we were expecting our little boy. Just a month earlier , Paris had suffered the consequences of the attacks at Bataclan and Stade de France. After much hesitation, we made the trip – and we never looked back.

We wanted to make this trip mostly because we did not know when we would be able to travel abroad again, but also to take our daughter who was 5 at the time on a trip to remember. So as you can imagine, a day at Disneyland was the highlight for her.

As we spent there only 5 days with a 5-year-old girl, we did not visit any of the museums . We spent our days in open spaces, parks, and tried to get that Paris street vibe.

We have to go again!


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