Trizonia (Summer 2019)

The port

In July 2019 we spent some days in Nafpaktos. This time we went to Trizonia, a group of islets in the middle of the Corinthian Gulf. There is a small village on one of them, which we visited.

There is a really relaxed atmosphere on the island. Kids would play everywhere without parents bothering them or worrying that their kid might fall into the sea, or anything like that. You could hear the wind, birds, and the sound of the waves. There are no cars, as there are no roads. Occasionally, a boat from the other side of the bay would bring a few new visitors.

There is a small hotel and apartments if you would like to spend some days there. As we were staying in Nafpaktos, we only had a day trip in Trizonia, so we walked on some of the footpaths around the island, had a swim on the one side of the port – the sea was really nice and there is actually a small beach there – and had lunch at one of the restaurants – they all have excellent food.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be during the winter. The island is just 500m from the shore but when the weather is really bad, boats cannot approach the tiny port, as we were told by a local. Even going to the super-market must be difficult – something we take for granted.

During the summer though Trizonia is the perfect place to unwind and fall off the grid.


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