Messologi, Agrinio (and a little bit of Aitoliko) – *Pandemic Edition*

For a long time, we wanted to visit our friends Panos and Evie in Agrinio. At last, we found the right time to visit and also took the opportunity to see Messologi for the first time. It was a 3-day trip, including just a night’s stay in Messologi and another one in Agrinio. But let’s take things from the start.

Salt rocks (Museum of Salt)

Messologi is a small town built around the Messologi Lagoon, which is part of the Messologi – Aitoliko Lagoons complex. There are some spectacular sites around the lagoon, as you’ll see in the photo album. Messologi is mostly known for the “Exodus” during the Greek War of Independence, in 1826 after a brutal siege lasting one year. It is also known for its production of salt (in fact the largest in Greece). The Salt Museum is worth a visit, it is very interesting – the ticket even includes a guided tour and you can also buy local salt products. Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit the Garden of Heroes (Κήπος των Ηρώων), which is a park dedicated to all the people who lost their lives during the Messologi Siege, or any of the other museums in the town.

We stayed in an unremarkable small hotel in Tourlida, one of the small Islands in the lagoon, connected to the town by a road which is built literally on the lagoon. Tourlida is home to the many fishermen of the lagoon, some of which live in the traditional houses of Tourlida, built on platforms made of wooden logs.

We also went to Aitoliko for an afternoon drive. Aitoliko is a small village at about 15′ from Mesologi which is also built on an islet in the lagoon complex. During this time there were hardly any people around, but the many ducks and the other aquatic birds in the small cove on the south side of the islet were good at keeping us company (Impressively, they are accustomed to people around them).

Agrinio has evolved into an interesting town. The main square and the old part of the town seems to have changed much since I last visited, our local friends say it’s for the worst (traffic is still chaotic in rush hours though). In the past, I have only stayed in Agrinio for one or two days at a time, and I probably haven’t seen enough of the town to get the “good side” of it. That said, the area around the main square is really fun to stroll around. There are many nice bars and restaurants on the paved alleys, as well as on the main square.

Let’s not fool ourselves though, we did not go there sightseeing. We went to see our friends after a long time. Panos and Evie were our fantastic hosts, even with Panos’s hectic schedule they made time for us during the day ( If you’re reading this, we cannot thank you enough for a great time and the fun we had. We hope to be able to do this again soon) and showed us some of the best places for lunch in the area – especially Trihonida Lake is recommended for any season.

Our short trip was really fun and we probably should do it again soon. For now, enjoy the rest of the photos …


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  1. Όμορφες φωτογραφίες φίλε. Έχω να πάω Αγρίνιο από το 2010 !
    Φιλιά στην οικογένεια.

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