Trikala (the coolest small city) and Meteora

(January 2023) Trikala -the cool one in Thessaly, not the other one in Corinthia– is one of the most beautiful towns I’ve visited. Many describe it as being the most “European-like” city in Greece, and I think that must be because of the great job they’ve done with the town…

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Autumn in Pelion

Mt Pelion, near Portaria

Pelion was really nice this time of year. The colours were incredible. You really KNOW it’s autumn. We had a little “getaway” in Portaria, near Volos. Well, it was fun while it lasted: that is, Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon… Now it’s back to everyday life. We thought those guys…

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Vale of Tempe and Mt. Olympus

We tried to get away from the city, and we went to Skotina, near the Mt. Olympus National Park and had some very pleasant walks on the footpaths of Olympus.On the road to the Skotina and Platamonas region, there is, of course, the Vale of Tempe (pronounced: Témpi), the famous…

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